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EMSZERO Neo Body Contouring Machine

Unlock the Power: Your Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the EMSZero Machine Manual

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1. Instrument Overview

1.1 Principle of the Device:

The device utilizes HI-EMT (High-Intensity Electromagnetic) technology to continuously expand and contract muscles, undergoing extreme training. This deep reshaping of the muscle's internal structure, specifically the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement) and the production of new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), increases muscle density and volume. The 100% maximum muscle contraction induced by HI-EMT technology can cause a large amount of fat decomposition. The fatty acids flow out of the triglycerides and accumulate in fat cells. When the fatty acid level is too high, the fat cells undergo apoptosis and are eliminated from the body through normal metabolism within a few weeks.

1.2 Device Parameters:
Name Parameters
Input Power AC110V-220V 50/60Hz
Maximum Output Power 2000W
Frequency 5-100Hz
Screen Size 8.0 inches
Machine Color Gray
Machine Size 43*40*91CM (Naked Machine 43kg)
Outer Box Size 56*60*112 CM (Outer Box 64.3kg)
1.3 Product Appearance:
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power socket
Power Switch
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Handle socket

2. Points To Note

2.1 Precautions before Use:
  • Do not use the device on a full stomach, wait for at least one hour after eating.
  • Remove any metal jewelry before using the device.
  • Before turning on the device, place the probe vertically on the skin, and then adjust the operating mode intensity to the lowest level, gradually increasing it according to the user's skin tolerance.
  • Do not eat or drink during the operation, and try to wait at least an hour after the operation to eat.
2.2 Contraindications:
  • Do not use the device on open wounds or avoid using it around the wound.
  • Patients with heart disease (especially those with pacemakers), irregular heartbeat, cancer, infectious diseases, pregnant or breastfeeding women, menstruating women, major surgery patients, diabetes patients, or those with any metal in the body.
  • People with cerebrovascular diseases (stroke patients).
2.3 Precautions for Customers during and after Use:
  • After using the device, users should replenish their body with water promptly.
  • Avoid overeating, maintain a balanced diet and adequate sleep.
  • After using the device, it is recommended to enhance moisturizing and sun protection.
  • Avoid consuming spicy or stimulating food.
  • Within three days after using the device, it is advisable to avoid soaking in hot springs or using saunas.

3. Instrument Interface Operating Procedure

3.1 Operation interface description
Mode 1

Note: 1. The interface for Mode One is as follows
(before operating, please remove the controller
from its holder and secure it to the desired area
on the client's body using the belt).

Mode 2

Note: 1. The interface for Mode One is as follows
(before operating, please remove the controller
from its holder and secure it to the desired area
on the client's body using the belt).


Modify language/volume/screen brightness

Time control
Handle A
Single-handle operation: Adjust
intensity to the lowest value.
Intensity 1 for B handle,
intensity 2 for A handle. Align
handle, secure it, and press
start button to operate.
Handle B
Single-handle operation: Adjust
intensity to the lowest value.
Intensity 1 for B handle,
intensity 2 for A handle. Align
handle, secure it, and press
start button to operate.
4. Using Our Product on Different Body Areas

Please refer to this article for the specific signatures of muscle parts.

5. Maintenance and Repair
5.1 Maintenance
5.1.1 Daily Inspection

Management personnel must perform regular inspections of the instruments and components. Ensure that there is a reliable connection between the power socket and the ground. Check the power cord for any damage before using the instrument, and stop using it if there is any damage.

5.1.2 Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the instrument is necessary to ensure hygiene and proper operation. Clean the exterior of the equipment with a damp cloth when it is powered off, using soapy water or a neutral detergent.

5.1.3 Fuse Replacement

When replacing fuses, turn off the power and unplug the power cord to prevent electric shock.

5.2 Repair

After purchasing the instrument, fill out the warranty card and send it to the manufacturer or agent to validate the warranty. The main unit is covered by a one-year free warranty from the date of purchase for any quality issues related to the company's product (Note: Warranty is provided with the purchase invoice and warranty card; the warranty scope is limited to the main instrument and does not include consumable accessories that require regular replacement). After the warranty period, please contact the manufacturer directly for paid after-sales service. For repairs, contact the company's business department or dealer. Do not attempt unauthorized repairs. The company will not provide warranty service for devices that have been tampered with without permission.

6. Faults and Solutions
Fault Phenomenon Cause Troubleshooting and Solution
Device not working Power plug not inserted, power switch not turned on, or fuse failure Check the power source, check the power switch, and replace the fuse
Handle not working Loose handle or poor contact Replug the handle
7. Manufacturer's Liability

• The manufactured products should comply with product standards. If any non-compliance is found, the company will be responsible for replacement or return.

• The company will assume responsibility for any personal or property damage caused by manufacturing defects in the product.

• The company will not be held responsible in the following situations:

  1. Buyers or operators who do not follow the instructions, safety precautions, or warning statements in the manual.
  2. Damage to the product, person, or property caused by violating product transportation, installation, use, maintenance, or storage regulations.

• The company offers lifetime maintenance and technical support for the products. Manufacturing quality issues occurring within the specified warranty period will be repaired free of charge for users.

• Original accessories must be purchased from the company when replacements are needed. Users will bear any adverse consequences caused by using non-original parts.

8. Storage and Distribution Management

• Storage: Store the instrument in its original packaging, in a well-ventilated indoor area. Elevate the packaging box, and maintain an environmental temperature of -10°C to 40°C and a relative humidity not exceeding 93%. Do not store the instrument near harmful gases, flammable or explosive materials, or corrosive gases.

• Transportation: The instrument in its packaging is suitable for transportation by road, rail, air, and water. During loading, unloading, and transportation, protect the instrument from severe vibrations, impacts, and moisture. Do not mix the instrument with flammable or corrosive materials during transportation. Specific requirements should be followed as per the contract.

9. Expiration Date

• The warranty period for the instrument is 1 year (Note: This does not cover damage caused by users).

• The warranty period for accessories is 3 months (Note: This does not cover damage caused by users).

• Instruments that continue to be used beyond their usage period must be inspected and approved by an engineer. During subsequent use, engineers must periodically perform performance tests on the instrument.

• Scrap instruments and accessories that have exceeded their usage period should be disposed of according to local regulations.

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