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808 Laser Picoseconds Painless Remove Machine

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808 Laser Picoseconds Painless Remove Machine


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  1. The beauty industry has seen a lot of advancements in recent years, with new technologies offering more efficient and painless solutions. Among the top-tier innovations is the 2In1 808+Picoseconds Painless Remove Machine. This machine is a game-changer for those seeking effective hair removal and skin treatments.

    1. Understanding the Working Principle

    a. The 808nm Laser Hair Removal Mechanism

    The cornerstone of the 2In1 808+Picoseconds Painless Remove Machine is the 808nm laser. This laser emits light at a wavelength of 808 nm, which is effectively absorbed by melanin. Melanin is found in our hair follicles, and when it absorbs this laser light, a phenomenon called Photothermal action occurs.

    i. Photothermal Action

    The absorbed laser energy transforms into heat energy, producing a high temperature around the hair follicle. This elevated temperature damages the growth cells of the hair follicles. Consequently, this inhibits the hair’s ability to regenerate, leading to long-lasting hair removal results.

    b. The Picosecond Laser Magic

    Another integral part of this machine is the Picosecond laser. Unlike traditional lasers that operate in nanoseconds, the picosecond laser has a much shorter pulse width. Its pulse width is at the picosecond level (10^-12 seconds). This unique attribute gives it an edge over conventional lasers, offering shorter pulse times and higher energy.

    ii. Selective Photothermal Action

    The Picosecond laser emits light energy at a specific wavelength, which is absorbed by pigments in the skin. This can be tattoo ink or melanin. When these pigments absorb the energy, they heat up instantly, resulting in thermal damage. Due to the short pulse width of the picosecond laser, there’s minimal conversion of light into heat. This means minimal heat effects, making treatments more targeted and efficient.

    With fewer sessions, the Picosecond laser delivers faster results, greater energy, and safer treatments.

    2. Technical Characteristics of the 2In1 808+Picoseconds Machine

    This state-of-the-art machine is multifunctional. It is designed to:

    • Wash red eyebrows/Wash blue eyebrows: For those who have had eyebrow tattoos that they regret, this machine offers a solution.
    • Tattoo-removal: Whether it’s an old tattoo or a recent one that didn’t turn out as expected, this machine can help.
    • Whitening: Improve skin tone and achieve a brighter complexion.
    • Facial wrinkles: Combat signs of aging and rejuvenate your skin.
    • Wash freckles: For those looking to get rid of freckles, this machine provides an effective solution.

    3. Advanced Cooling Technology

    The 2In1 808+Picoseconds Painless Remove Machine boasts an advanced cooling technology. With an integrated cooling plate capable of reaching temperatures as low as 10°C (50 F), it ensures the skin remains cool during treatments. This not only alleviates pain but also shrinks the follicle, enhancing the hair removal experience.

    4. Treatment Principles

    a. Penetration into the Skin

    The Picosecond laser energy from the machine dives deep into the skin layers.

    b. Breaking Up Pigments

    Once inside, it fragments the pigment into particles, ensuring a more comprehensive treatment.

    c. Safe and Efficient Pigmentation Removal

    With this machine, pigmentation can be removed without any downtime or side effects, ensuring clients can return to their daily routines immediately after treatment.


    The 2In1 808+Picoseconds Painless Remove Machine is undeniably a revolutionary tool in the beauty industry. Combining the efficiency of 808nm laser hair removal and the precision of the Picosecond laser, it offers a comprehensive solution for various skin and hair concerns. With its advanced cooling technology, it ensures treatments are as comfortable as they are effective.


    1. Is the 2In1 808+Picoseconds Painless Remove Machine safe for all skin types?
      • Yes, the machine is designed with advanced technology that ensures it’s safe and effective for all skin types.
    2. How many sessions are required for tattoo removal?
      • The number of sessions depends on the size, color, and age of the tattoo. However, with the Picosecond laser’s efficiency, fewer sessions are typically required compared to traditional lasers.
    3. Is there any downtime after using the machine?
      • No, one of the significant advantages of the 2In1 808+Picoseconds Painless Remove Machine is that there’s no downtime. Clients can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment.


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1 Year


110 V/ 220 V

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AU Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug, US Plug


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